• Our College Premises :<b>GBM COllege<b>
  • Our Dedicated Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Members :<b>GBM COllege</b>
  • Students Attending Class :<b>GBM COllege</b>
  • Students Attending Class :<b>GBM COllege</b>
  • Our Laboratory : <b>GBM COllege</b>
  • National Cadet Core (N.C.C) : <b>GBM COllege</b>

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Address: Mani Road, Murarpur,Gaya
L: 0631-2220442
E: info@gbmcollegegaya.org
E: gbmcollegegaya@gmail.com

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Criteria for admission

The admission form is available each year after the 10 days after the publication of results of High school and Intermediate (Arts and science), one photocopy of which is required to submit to the college. The last date for the submission of form is published in the notice board.

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