• <b>GBM COllege Gaya<b>
  • <b>GBM COllege Gaya</b>
  • <b>GBM COllege Gaya</b>
  • <b>GBM COllege Gaya</b>
  • <b>GBM COllege Gaya</b>
  • <b>GBM COllege Gaya</b>
  • <b>GBM COllege Gaya</b>

About College

It was for the upliftment and empowerment of the girls, the unprivileged section of society, that the philanthropists of the historical city of Gaya joined hands to establish the first girls’ college in the Magadh Commissionary. G.B.M.College saw the light of the day on August,1953. It was, however,christened Gautam Buddha Mahila College on the commemorative year of Lord Buddha’s 2500 years of attainment of enlightenment on the holy land of Bodh Gaya.

The oldest constituent girls’ college of Magadh University, it has been successfully imparting education upto Hons. Standard in the faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Science in almost all the subjects.

The teachers of this college are always eager to participate in U.G.C. sponsored various programmes such as orientation courses, refresher courses, seminars and workshops in their respective subjects. The academic talents of teachers and students of this college is documented in the annual magazine of the college called “Garima”.

The science and literary societies are very keen in organizing various competitions like debates, essays, quiz, flower shows etc. As regards cultural activities, the college is not lagging behind in various cultural activities such as dance, song ,painting, rangoli ect. Which being carried on by the cultural society of the college. There are vibrant N.C.C., N.S.S. and Athletic society in the college. Every year students are earning ever-new laurels in these fields.

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Principal's Mission :

Principal Message

Our students represent our hopes and dreams. The college administration and the teaching faculty is committed to guide the students to accomplish their best possible faculties for an overall development along with extracurricular activities.

The student must understand the value of becoming embodiment of discipline and behavior. My students are always free to meet me personally in my office. I assure you of my maximum possible attention at all times. I wish all the students joining this college good luck and a promising career.

Dr. Jawaid Ashraf ( MA [Gold Medalist ], M.Ed, MBA, PhD )

Important Notice

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